Mice and Snake Issues

Due to ongoing construction in the area (Battlefield Parkway overpass project). We are seeing increasing pest pressures to several residents homes. The reason for the added pest pressures is due to the rodents and snakes being moved from their natural habitat. Anytime you take away a rodent or snake’s natural environment, they must flee that area and move to a “calmer” location. During this time of year. Mice and snakes are preparing for mating season and must get to settled areas. I know this a very disturbing issue with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to also have an added pressure in your homes. There are several remedies that can reduce these pest pressures.

1. Keep grass cut short 2. Keep clutter out of backyard area 3. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. 4. Check weather stripping and door seals to ensure no drafts are getting in.

We at Ehrlich Pest Control are always available to inspect your home at NO CHARGE and to offer suggestions to ensure our home is pest free. You can reach out to our local Ehrlich Pest Control Account Executive Jeff Pope directly by email at Jeffrey.Pope@jcehrlich.com.

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