Home Modifications

Hoping to enhance your property over the summer with a new deck, patio or fence or possibly do some painting or other work?  Patios, decks, and solar panels need a building permit from the Town of Leesburg.  Please bring a copy of your plat, deck plan, etc. with you to the town for approval before you apply with the HOA. Please see the onsite HOA office to make sure you don’t need to get approval from the ARB first.

SHEDS You now need a zoning permit/application from the Town of Leesburg before installing a shed in the rear of your home along with submitting that with your ARB application with the HOA.

PATIOS – Patios of any type (i.e. wood, cement, paver, stone, etc.) cannot be built to the fence line.  The Town of Leesburg requires an application and also a two-foot set back from each side of the fence line.  This for drainage reasons.  If you purchased a home and your current patio is built to the fence line, it is ultimately your responsibility to correct it. It follows the house, not the old owner.

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