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About the Sycamore Hill

Homeowners Association


The Board of Directors (BOD) establishes Committees to assist in the management of the community by recommending actions or managing the details of specific community operations.  Committee members are volunteers, donating their time to serve their community. If you live in Sycamore Hill and would like to volunteer for a committee please contact the Property Manager for more information.

The BOD is always looking for volunteers to bring their ideas to the Association’s attention. Please attend the monthly BOD meeting to voice you ideas in person.




Pay dues online through Gates Hudson:

The current HOA dues for 2023 are $106.00 per month and are payable on the first of each month.  You have until the 15th of the month to pay them before you are assessed a $10.00 late fee on the 16th of the month.  There is no special assessment for 2023.

Architectural Review Board

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) has the responsibility to apply the architectural regulations and guidelines as set out in the Community Covenants that govern all properties in the Sycamore Hill community.

Open Space

The Open Space Committee coordinates the use of common areas of the homeowner’s association.

Community Watch

The Community Watch  Program coordinates with Leesburg Police Department and continue to make Sycamore Hill a safe community. 


The Recreation Committee provides the Sycamore Hill homeowners and residents with events that enhance the joys of living in the community. 


The Communication Committee keeps residents well informed of community activities, both recreational and administrative, and encourages active participation in such activities.

Lilac Playground
Tennis Court
Pearlbush Playground
Tennis Court
Kalmia Playground
Tennis Court
Tuliptree Playground
Kiddie Pool
Pool Deck
Golden Larch Playground
Pool Deck

Meet Your HOA Team

Michael Hunter.jpg
Michael Hunter
Heather Gottlieb.jpg
Heather Gottlieb
Scott Miller.png
Scott Miller
Marc Miller.png
Marc Miller
Rebecca Dodson
Kimberly Spiegel
Kimberly Spiegel
Meet the Team!
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